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Post by OperatorDrewski on Mon Aug 04, 2014 9:28 am

I wrote the following, as i have my own clan in contract wars, and i made a guide for them.

My weapon guide (DPS Chart). This chart is not the Ultimatum. There are some guns very similar to each other, or place higher on the overall list. This is purely DPS with accuracy as a reference.

Contract Wars GUIDE MNkPtEW
Contract Wars GUIDE WZm4h1e


If you go off of the path suggested, remember that SP are extremely valuable once you are at end game. A mistake earlier in your progress can cost you to lose out on one or two vital skills. If you decide to Reset your skills, it will cost you a lot of GP. You will receive all of your SP, 1/3 of spent GP (on skills), and none of your spent CR.

The skills chart on the right side of these image display in which tree you have spent the most SP. The tree you have spent the most SP in will be your designation, and you will receive the bonus from the clan skill in that category (if the clan has the skill unlocked.)

Correct path: Green
Wrong path: Red
Extra skills: Purple (only get after all green)

Order of skill tree progression:

#1 Sniper/Assault: You will get Sniper completed quicker (all accuracy skills), but with Assault you will get +15 damage. You're choice. Get one, and then go for the other before going on to other Skill trees.

#2 Destroyer: Go for recoil first, then you can decide if you want a grenade or not.

#3 Scout: Mobility skills and reload speed are useful, but not mandatory in anyone's build.

#4 Gunsmith: Gunsmith is useful if you want to max out your gun's potential, follow the skill tree guide to the letter if going Gunsmith. The rest of the skills are CRAP.

#5 Any Other Skills: You can decide to get armor whenever you feel like it, but it is only worth getting +20 or going all the way to +100. +40 and +60 are not worth it if you are not/cannot reach 100 armor. Any other skills can be purchased at this time.

Contract Wars GUIDE 34B7r2u

Contract Wars GUIDE TNjKUog

Contract Wars GUIDE EhpTBFy

Contract Wars GUIDE Hw2oSAu

Contract Wars GUIDE BnpNvDF


Contracts are the most important way of gaining SP. You will gain more SP from completing contracts than you will leveling up to 70. Gold contracts are the only way, outside of daily bonuses and buying, to get GP for free. Most GP contracts require that you rent/purchase a GP weapon. If the completion of the contract requires the rental of a weapon, try and decide if the contract can be completed in a day. If it can, you should only rent the weapon for a day, as you will always profit in this manner. However, if it is an extremely difficult contract that requires a GP weapon, but don't want to spend the GP on the weapon, you can try and wait for a daily discount on the said weapon and then purchase it.

Some of these contracts have been replaced because of difficulty, though there are some end game contracts that are insanely difficult yet have not been replaced. There is talk of a contract system rework in the future, though no specific time frame was given.


0: Make 5 HeadShots (the reward was changed from 250 CR to 10GP, so yea, rip-off)
1: Kill 20 enemies (1 SP)
2: Make 7 HeadShots (600 CR)
3: Kill 40 enemies (700 CR)
4: Make 15 HeadShots (700 CR)
5: Make 7 LongShots (1 SP)
6: Kill 50 enemies with KAC PDW rifle (900 CR)
7: Kill 4 enemies with a knife (1000 CR)
8: Win a DeathMatch (1100 CR)
9: Kill 30 enemies with shotguns (1 SP)
10: Gain 2500 exp points (1300 CR)
11: Win a TDS match (1400 CR, was to destroy a target)
12: Make 5 LongShots on the Old Sawmill map (1500 CR)
13: Kill 50 enemies with sniper rifles (1 SP)
14: Gain 3000 exp points (1600 CR)
15: Make 2 RageKills on Parkside map in DM mode(1700 CR, was 5 ragekills on same map)
16: Kill 75 enemies with SCAR-L (2200 CR)
17: Kill 150 enemies (1 SP)
18: Win a match on the Lake map (2000 CR)
19: Gain 700 exp points during single match on Bay5 map (2200 CR)
20: Kill 400 enemies (10000 CR)
21: Make 30 LongShots on Bridge map (1 SP)
22: 4000 XP in TDS (2300 CR, was defuse 10 beacons. Might be bugged and giving points from playing on any mode)
23: Kill 3 VIP on Interchange map (2500 CR, was kill 1 VIP)
24: Kill 10 enemies with Izh-43 shotgun (1 SP)
25: Make 45 HeadShots (2700 CR)
26: Make 8 LongShots on Interchange map (2800 CR)
27: Make 20 GrenadeKills (1 SP)
28: Make 10 LongShots with RFB rifle (2900 CR)
29: Kill 60 enemies above level 15 (3000 CR)
30: Win 3 matches on TDS Old Sawmill (1 SP, was destroy 5 targets)
31: Kill 20 enemies with HeadShot from MP133 shotgun (3500 CR)
32: Kill 30 enemies above level 10 on Parkside map(4000 CR)
33: Make a doublekill with a grenade (4200 CR, was 8 kills with grenade)
34: Make Double HeadShot with FN SCAR-L (4500 CR)
35: Win 2 matches in Team Elimination mode (4800 CR)
36: Win 2 matches on Bay7 map (5000 CR)
37: Kill 5 enemies with knife in TDS mode (1 SP)
38: Kill 40 enemies with Benelli M3 mod.2 shotgun (5200 CR)
39: Make 20 HeadShots with P226R pistol (5400 CR)
40: Make 3 RageKills with SR2M Veresk SMG (5500 CR)
41: Make 7 GrenadeKills on Bay5 map (5800 CR)
42: Make 20 HeadShots with HK 416c rifle (6000 CR)
43: Make 10 LongShots with Operator TRP pistol (1 SP)
44: Make 5 DoubleKills with Skorpion SMG (6200 CR)
45: Kill 50 enemies with Beretta 92two pistol (6400 CR)
46: Make 2 DoubleKills with grenades on Parkside map (6500 CR)
47: Kill 1 enemy above level 60 (6600 CR)
48: Make 1 TripleKill with grenade (6700 CR)
49: Win 2 mathces in Team Designation mode on Evac map (6800 CR)
50: Kill 1 enemy with Magpul PDR-C SMG (6900 CR)
51: Make DoubleHeadshot with Bizon-2 SMG (7000 CR)
52: Make StormKill with Skorpion (7200 CR)
53: Make 2 RageKills with KelTec RFB (7300 CR)
54: Make StormKill with M40A6 sniper rifle (7400 CR)
55: Win a match on Day7 Map (7500 CR)
56: Gain 10000 exp point (7600 CR)
57: Kill 100 enemies with RPK-74 (7700 CR)
58: Kill 120 enemies with RPKT (7900 CR)
59: Make 10 LongShots with Kedr SMG (8800 CR)
60: Make 30 LongShots (8100 CR, was 20 longshots)
61: Make 40 HeadShots (8200 CR, was 30 headshots)
62: Kill 1 VIP with knife (8300 CR)
63: Kill 1 VIP with Knife (8300 CR)
64: 30 headshots with RPK-74 on map Station (8400 CR, was kill 1 VIP with RPK-74)
65: Make 25 LongShots with FN SCAR-L (8500 CR, was 15 longshots with Scar-L)
66: Make TripleKill with grenade (8600 CR)
67: Make TripleKill with RPKT machinegun (8700 CR)
68: Make TripleKill with FN P90 (8800 CR)
69: Make 35 LongShots with SV-98 (8900 CR)
70: StormKill on Evac map (9000 CR)
71: 25 LongShots on Lighthouse map (9200 CR)
72: 6000 XP on mode TDS (9300 CR, was destroy 3 targets on Evac TDS)
73: Pistol-kill 100 enemies on Lighthouse map (9500 CR)
74: Kill 50 enemies above level 60 (9600 CR)
75: StormKill with 9A-91 (9700 CR)
76: Kill 100 enemies with MP7 (9900 CR)
77: 3 double headshots with S3000 Sphinx pistol (10000 CR)
78: 75 headshots from KRISS Vector SMG (10200 CR)
79: Knifekill one enemy above level 65 (10500 CR)
80: 5 RageKills on map Construction (10700 CR)
81: 200 kills with shotguns on TacticalConquest (11000 CR)
82: 25 grenade kills on map Construction (11500 CR)
83: Blocking contract

Total sum: 428400 CR, 10 GP, 11 SP

Old Contracts:
Contract Wars GUIDE Cw_bronze


0: Make 3 DoubleKills (15 GP, was 300 CR, what a rip-off again)
1: Win in DeathMatch (15 GP)
2: Kill 30 enemies above level 5 by HeadShot (1 SP)
3: Win in Team Elimination mode 2 times (3000 CR, was win TDS 3 times)
4: Gain 5000 exp (3500 CR)
5: Kill 150 enemies with Kedr SMG (1 SP)
6: Kill 35 enemies above level 20 with HeadShot (4000 CR)
7: Win 2 matches on Terminal map (4500 CR, was win 6 matches on Terminal)
8: Make 80 HeadShots with assault rifles (1 SP)
9: Kill 5 enemies above lvl 40 with HeadShot (5000 CR, was 1 headshot on enemy above lvl 50)
10: Kill 30 enemies above level 10 with LongShot (5500 CR)
11: Make 20 HeadShots with Bison SMG on the Bridge map (1 SP)
12: Make 2 StormKills (6000 CR, was 3 Stormkills)
13: Kill 250 enemies above level 10 with machineguns (6500 CR)
14: Make 4 DoubleKills in Target Designation mode (1 SP, was 8 doublekills in TDS)
15: Kill 30 enemies above level 15 with LongShot from USP (7000 CR)
16: Make 1 PROKill (7500 CR)
17: Kill 30 enemies above level 40 with HeadShot (1 SP)
18: Make 50 LongShots with pistols (8000 CR)
19: Make 40 kills with knife (8500 CR)
20: Kill VIP above level 55 (1 SP)
21: 20000 XP in TDS (9000 CR, was defuse 35 beacons, lolwut)
22: Make 1 StormKill on Parkside map (9500 CR, was 1 PROkill on Parkside)
23: Kill 50 enemies above level 15 with LongShot from SV-98 (1 SP, was 75 longshots)
24: Make 7 DoubleKills with sniper rifles (10000 CR)
25: Win in Team Elimination mode for 10 times (10500 CR, was win 15 times on TE)
26: Kill 60 enemies above level 25 with HeadShots from SR2M Veresk (1 SP)
27: Make 40 HeadShots with shotguns in TE mode (11000 CR)
28: Kill 10 VIPs (11500 CR)
29: Make 2 StormKills on the Lake map (12000 CR)
30: Make 20 RageKills on the Bridge map (1 SP)
31: Kill 20 enemies above level 25 with LongShot from PM pistol (12500 CR)
32: Kill 100 enemies with HeadShot from shotguns (13000 CR)
33: Win 5 matches on Parkside map (1 SP, was win 10 matches on Parkside)
34: Make 5 TripleKills with Scorpion SMG (13500 CR, was 15 triples with Scorpion)
35: Kill 200 enemies with RPK-74 (15000 CR)
36: Make 2 TripleKills with Beretta 92two pistol (1 SP, was 5 tripes with Beretta)
37: Make 25 LongShots with Colt Python revolver on Old Sawmill map (14000 CR)
38: Win 5 matches on bay7 map (14500 CR, was win 10 matches on Bay7)
39: Kill 120 enemies with Saiga 12K shotgun on Interchange map (15500 CR)
40: Kill 50 enemies above level 20 with SV-98 on bay5 map (1 SP)
41: Make 4 VIPKills with Operator TRP pistol (16000 CR)
42: Kill 40 enemies above level 30 with Longshot from VSS Vintorez (16500 CR)
43: Kill 15 enemies above level 30 with grenades (17000 CR)
44: Make 2 StormKills with AK-105 (1 SP)
45: Kill 10 enemies abovel level 60 with knife (17500 CR)
46: Kill 100 enemies above level 40 with APS pistol (18000 CR)
47: Kill 10 enemies above level 60 with HeadShot from Desert Eagle pistol (120 GP)
48: Kill 50 enemies above level 50 with LongShot from KelTec RFB rifle (18500 CR)
49: Kill 20 enemies above level 60 (19000 CR)
50: Make 2 DoubleKills with grenades on TDS mode (19500 CR, was Make 4 TripleKills with grenades in TDS mode wtf?)
51: Make StormKill on the enemies above level 55 with PM pistol (20000 CR)
52: Make StormKill on the enemy above level 57 with Colt Python (20500 CR)
53: Make 3 StormKills with Izh-43 shotgun (20500 CR)
54: Make PROKill with P90 SMG (21000 CR)
55: Make StormKill on the enemy above level 55 with P226R pistol (21000 CR)
56: Make PROKill with FN SCAR-L (21500 CR)
57: Make 2 StormKills with MP-133 shotgun (1 SP)
58: Kill 7 VIPs above level 60 (21500 CR, was 2 VIP’s above 60)
59: Make 30 LongShots on the enemy above level 60 (22000 CR)
60: Kill 3 VIP’s above level 60 with knife (22000 CR, was kill 1 VIP with knife)
61: Make 3 Double HeadShots on the enemy above level 60 (22500 CR, was 5 double heads)
62: Kill 40 enemies above level 60 with Kedr SMG (22500 CR)
63: Kill 30 enemies with knife (23000 CR, was 50 enemies with knife)
64: Make 4 Triplekills with grenades (23000 CR, was 2 quads with grenades)
65: Win 5 matches of TDS (23500 CR, was defuse 5 beacons on EVAC TDS)
66: ProKill on Lighthouse map (23500 CR)
67: 14 double headshots from KRISS Vector (24000 CR, was 25 doubleheads with Kriss)
68: Prokill in TDS mode (24000 CR, was limited to EVAC TDS)
69: Kill 500 enemies from Colt IAR on Lighthouse map (100 GP)
70: ProKill from 9A-91 (24500 CR)
71: 4 QuadKills from MP7 (24500 CR, was 7 quads with MP7)
72: 2 ProKills from S3000 Sphinx pistol (25000 CR)
73: Prokill with Benneli Mod. 2 on Lake (25000 CR)
74: 14 QuadKills from AK-12 (220 GP, was 25 quads with AK-12)
75: Kill 1000 enemies above level 40 on map Construction (25000 CR)
76: 100 headshots with Glock17 on TacticalConquest (25000 CR)
77: ProKill with Kedr on map Construction (1 SP)
78: Blocking contract

Total sum: 907500 CR, 470 GP, 16 SP
Old Contracts:
Contract Wars GUIDE Cw_silver


0: Kill 35 enemies above level 7 (20 GP, nice ripoff, was kill 35 above 20)
1: Kill 50 enemies with MP5SD6 SMG (50 GP, was kill 70 with same gun)
2: Win in Target Elimination (1 SP, was win 4 TDS)
3: 2 Ragekills on map Station (1500 CR, was 4 StormKills on the OSM DM map)
4: Kill 150 enemies with AKMS rifle (60 GP)
5: Kill 4 VIPs (1 SP)
6: Kill 50 enemies above level 20 with pistols (2500 CR, was pistol kills over lvl 40)
7: Make 10 DoubleKills with Glock18 pistol (100 GP, was 20 doubles with same gun)
8: Make 2 TripleKills in Team Elimination mode (1 SP, was 9 triples on same mode)
9: Gain 8000 exp points on Interchange DM map (3000 CR)
10: Kill 200 enemies with SR3M Vikhr (65 GP)
11: Kill 25 enemies with grenades (1 SP, was 75 kills with grenades)
12: Win in Target Designation mode 3 times (4000 CR, was 15 wins on same mode)
13: Make 60 LongShots with TKPD Sniper on the Lake map (100 GP, was 80 longshots same map & wep)
14: Gain 9000 exp points on Old Sawmill map in TDS mode (1 SP)
15: Kill 125 enemies above level 10 with HeadShot (5000 CR)
16: Kill 175 enemies with EBR sniper on the Lake map (60 GP)
17: Kill 100 enemies above level 25 in TDS mode (1 SP)
18: Make 2 PROKills (8000 CR, was 6 PROkills)
19: Make 10 RageKills with Raging Judge revolver (50 GP)
20: Kill 35 enemies above level 55 with HeadShot from PM (2 SP, was 75 headshots with PM)
21: Gain 3800 exp point during single match (9000 CR)
22: Make 10 Double HeadShots in TeamElimination mode (80 GP, was 20 doubleheads on same mode)
23: Make 22 TripleKills (1 SP, was 50 Triples)
24: Kill 30 VIP’s (10000 CR, was successfully destroy the target for 20 times on Terminal map)
25: Gain 4500 exp points during single match (30 GP)
26: Make 3 Double Headshots with pistols in TDS mode (1 SP, was 10 doubleheads on TDS with pistols)
27: Make 100 LongShots with FN SCAR-L (11000 CR)
28: Kill 1 enemy with Magpul PDR-C SMG (50GP)
29: Kill 50 enemies above level 30 with HeadShot from Raging Judge (40 GP)
30: Kill 1 enemy with above level 40 with PROKill from PM pistol (1 SP)
31: Make 1 TripleKill with knife (12000 CR, was 3 TripleKills with knife)
32: Kill 30 enemies above level 40 with MP-133 Shotgun on the Lake map (13000 CR)
33: Make 5 Double Headshots with Desert Eagle pistol (120 GP)
34: Make PROKill with Izh-43 shotgun (14000 CR)
35: Make 5 DoubleKills with grenade in TDS mode (1 SP, was 5 TripleKills on TDS with grenade)
36: Make 75 LongShots with M40A6 sniper rifle (15000 CR, was 15 doubleheads with the gun, wtf?)
37: Kill 80 enemies above level 35 with LongShot from DT SRS mod. 2 on Interchange map (85 GP)
38: Make 1 PROKill on the enemy above leve 50 with APS pistol (16000 CR)
39: Make 1 PROKill on the enemy above level 59 with PM (17000 CR, was 2 PM Pros on above lvl 55)
40: Make PROKill with Saiga 12K shotgun (18000 CR, was 3 PROkills with same gun)
41: Kill 1000 enemies above level 30 (1 SP)
42: Make 10 TripleKills with grenade (19000 CR)
43: Make 10 Double HeadShots with VSS vintorez (20000 CR, was 20 doubleheads with same gun)
44: Make 2 PROKills with AKMS (75 GP, was 5 PROkills with same gun)
45: Make 10 StormKills with Kedr SMG (21000 CR)
46: Make 5 TripleKills with Izh-43 shotgun (22000 CR)
47: Make 2 PROKills with Magpul PDR-C (23000 CR)
48: Gain 10000 exp during single match (1 SP)
49: Make 5 TripleKills on day7 with AUG-A3 on Day7 map (24000 CR,was SV98 triples on same map wtf?)
50: Make PROKill on the enemy above level 50 with AKMS Gold (300 GP)
51: Make 2 PROKills with knife (1 SP, was 3 PROKills with knife)
52: Make QuadKill with SPAS-12 (25000 CR, was IZH quadkill)
53: Make 10 Double HeadShots with HK G36C (50 GP, was 25 doubleheads with same gun)
54: Make 1 Triplekill with PM pistol (30 GP, was quad with same gun, what a joke)
55: Make 4 TripleKills with Raging Judge (40 GP)
56: Kill 20 enemies above level 64 (26000 CR)
57: Kill 3 enemies above level 65 with knife (27000 CR)
58: Make 6 QuadKills with AEK-971 (100 GP, was 10 Quads with Noobgru)
59: Gain 6000 during single TDS match (28000 CR)
60: Make 5 TripleKills with Benelli M3 mod.2 Shotgun (1 SP, was 7 Triples with same gun)
61: 2 ProKills from KRISS Vector on bay5 map (30000 CR, was 3 PROs with same gun)
62: 15000 EXP in match on Lighthouse map (32000 CR)
63: Kill 750 enemies from SKS (299 GP)
64: Kill 150 enemies above level 65 (34000 CR)
65: 10 Quadkills from 9A-91 (40000 CR, was 25 quads with same gun)
66: ProKill from AK-12 on Terminal map in TDS mode (220 GP)
67: 20 StormKills (1 SP, was 50 Stormkills)
68: Headshot 100 enemies above level 60 from PM (38000 CR, was 150 heads the rest is the same)
69: ProKill from Izh-43 on lighthouse map (42000 CR)
70: 10 PROkills (1 SP, was 15 or 20 PROkills)
71: 50 knife kills on map Construction (45000 CR)
72: 15 double headshots with Noveske on Tactical Counquest (140 GP)
73: 20000 EXP on single match on construction (100 GP)
74: 20 Quadkills on Tactical Conquest (1 SP)
75: Blocking contract

Total sum: 655000 CR, 2264 GP, 18 SP.
Old Contracts:
Contract Wars GUIDE Cw_gold



Hunting VIPs in Team Elimination on either Old Sawmill or Evac. Kill VIP for 300 points (no boost), 900 points (X3 boost), or 1200 points (HC match). If you spawn as VIP, kill yourself or get in the open where people can kill you.

Leveling Speed:

No Boosting: Level 59 can be achieved in a month.

With Boosting (x3): Level 59 can be achieved in 24 hours. Or roughly 5 days.

About EXP:

Leveling is based on an exponential curve. Once you hit level 59, in order to hit level 60 you will need the same amount of EXP that was required for levels 00-59. From level 60-61 you need around 500k exp, and from 61-62 you need 1 million EXP.

As an example of how big of a curve leveling is, level 70 requires 100m EXP. So far no one has come close to that.

Leveling Bonuses:

If you are boosting SP from the Careerist tab (tree), then you will receive two SP every five levels (5,10,15, etc) instead of one. This is very, very useful and will give you an extra 13 SP by level 65. There are 10SP available for your purchase at 50 GP within the "add resources" screen. Eventually you will need to purchase all of these. Total cost: 500 GP

After you reach level 60, every level after that will give you 100 GP as a bonus. Smile


KAC PDW Tier 1
Contract Wars GUIDE OleJNAA
The KAC PDW is the best CR gun in Tier 1. The KAC PDW has a weapon task of 35 longshots and gives a Red Dot Sight and a silencer. Without the weapon task, the KAC PDW has significant muzzle flash that obscures the user's vision while firing down the sights. It is highly recommended that you use it as a hip fire weapon, bursting at heads until you have completed the weapon task. This is the gun you should use until you have reached Tier 3.

Best maps:
Medium to Long Range

PDR-C Tier 3
Contract Wars GUIDE DDVejnh
The PDR-C is a SMG that has one of the longest ranges of any other SMG in the game. It can be found in Tier 3. This gun is highly underrated, and is very usable when aiming down the iron sights. It receives a weapon task of a silencer and a RDS after the completion of 35 double kills. It also has one of the highest accuracy ratings of any other SMG in the game, which is very useful for killing VIPs via headshots. Or any long range shooting across maps.

Best Maps:
Short to Medium Range

M4A1 Tier 4
Contract Wars GUIDE FpLTPOH
The M4A1 is one of the best guns in the game. This assault rifle can be found in Tier 4 and has a weapon task of 150 longshots, which is easy to complete, it just takes a while. The weapon task gives you a silencer and a Micro H-1 sight. This is the first weapon you have access to that can obtain 100 accuracy and 1 recoil with skills. It lacks on penetration, but it makes up for this with accuracy.

Best Maps:
Medium to Long Range

Vector SMG Tier 4
Contract Wars GUIDE Lc93TyR
The Vector SMG is the highest DPS weapon in the game, and can reach 115 fire rate with the fire rate skill in scout. Though it has the highest fire rate in the game, it lacks in accuracy and range. I only have found this gun useful once it has the weapon task of 20 prokills. The weapon task gives you a cobra RDS, which significantly improves aiming with the gun. I recommend everyone purchase this gun at some point, just for the fun factor Smile.

Best maps:
Short to Medium Range

9a-91 Assault Rifle Tier 5
Contract Wars GUIDE T8aLAQF
The higher penetration brother to the M4A1, this gun can also reach the 100 accuracy, 1 recoil club. This gun's largest limitation is the 20 round magazine, though in every other way it equals or exceeds the M4A1. The weapon task of 50 triple kills gives you a silencer and Micro H-1 sight.

Best maps:
Medium to Long Range

P90 Devgru Tier 6
Contract Wars GUIDE LtWuCGD
The first GP weapon of this review (895 GP), it is a high capacity gun with a 50 round magazine. This is a preferred weapon of Evac players as it allows you to mow down people in tight spaces without running out of ammo. Though it can be used on Old Sawmill, it is limited by its range. Some people like the Holo sight, but it a lot of people complain about it obstructing their view and prefer the CR equivalent P90 who's task gives you a red dot collimator, but no silencer. The built in silencer of the p90 devgru gives no damage penalty, and benefits from the ability to use many of the Gunsmith skill bonuses on it (addition accuracy for silencers). No weapon task.

Best maps:
Short to Medium Range; though it can be used on Long Range maps with high accuracy bonuses.

ORSIS Sniper Rifle Tier 6
Contract Wars GUIDE 3mXXkfC
The ORSIS Sniper Rifle is the best bolt action sniper in the game, and is a GP weapon. It is the only sniper in the game that can currently one hit any player, even through armor. This is due to its very high damage (175) and its high penetration (70). The sniper's sights are very comfortable and are easy to use. The ORSIS also has the fastest Aim To Scope action in the game, and with some middle mouse button practice, can be fired even faster than waiting for the bolt emote to complete (mmb interrupts this emote). If you are seriously into sniping, I highly suggest you purchase this sniper (1000+ GP).

Best maps:
Long Range

AS VAL Mod. 3 Special Set
Contract Wars GUIDE 9gLxuRN
Unlocked through the middle column of the Assault Tree, the Mod. 3 is one of two primary weapons that can be found in the Special Set (the only one that is worth the SP). It costs 555 GP, 350k CR, and 1 SP. It currently is the best assault rifle in the game, and has no weapon task. The AS VAL Mod. 3 sports a built in silencer, red dot collimator, laser (cosmetic), and an extended magazine (30 rounds) compared to its smaller AS VAL Kobra little brother. This gun is the second highest DPS assault rifle in the game, only the SR3M beating it. Though the SR3M is a higher DPS gun, the AS VAL Mod. 3 has much better accuracy, making it the better choice.

Best maps:
Medium to Long Range; though it holds its own in CQC because of its high fire rate for an assault rifle.

Noveske Diplomat
Contract Wars GUIDE C1o9J9l
Considered to be one of the best guns in the game, this GP weapon from tier 6 is the big brother to the M4A1. To add the silencer, you must complete its weapon task of 15 pro kills. This gun has the highest mobility (tasked) of any AR, and untasked it is possible to have the highest mobility of any gun in the game (even a pistol). It has an extremely high reload speed of 94 providing nearly instant firing capability. Next to the AS VAL Mod. 3, it is probably my favorite gun in the game. This gun lacks at long range, with a minimum of 11 damage. But it is still very usable on OSM (my favorite map to use it on).

Contract Wars GUIDE UDc2Keu
Shown here with its task (silencer), the SR3M is the highest DPS AR in the game, it has a maximum accuracy of 93, achievable through gunsmith with +5 accuracy to silencers. Before the Val3, it was considered one of the best ARs in the game. However, not many players used it after it was nerfed within the first few months of the game's release. It can achieve a minimum recoil of 29 with gunsmith.


Damage modifiers

As you know, Contract wars has complex damage model, which means hits will cause different amount of damage depending which part of the body they hit.

The modifiers are:

Head x10.0
Chest: x1.0
Abdomen: x0.9
Shoulder and upper arm: x0.7
Forearm and wrist: x0.5
Thigh (upper leg): x0.8
Leg (lower leg): x0.6

The fingers and the feet don’t register as hits and do no damage, even though visually the bullet goes through the model of the player and sometimes even blood splashes.

The damage is rounded up. For example, you are shot several times with a 22dmg weapon in the lower leg. Modified for that part is x0.6, so you should take 13.2dmg each hit. The first hit deals 14dmg, the next four hits deal 13dmg.


You can get armor via various skills. Armor covers only the chest and shoulders, and does not cover the abdomen, unless specifically stated otherwise in the skill description (e.g. head protection). If you have armor, and are not hit in the chest or shoulders, it doesn’t apply it’s protection. Shoulders have a x0.7 modifier but armor seems to cover them and make them x1.0, same as chest, so this will be something to test again.

Formula for armor interaction:

HP lost = dmg x penetration/100

Armor lost = (dmg – (dmg x penetration/100)) / 2

or, more simply: (dmg – hp lost) / 2

Dmg is the damage of the weapon. Penetration is /100 because it is percentile.

For example, you are hit in the chest by a weapon with 100dmg and 30penetration. You lose 30hp (the “penetrated” damage), and 35 armor (there is 70dmg that didn’t “penetrate”, divide it by 2).

It is interesting that armor has a special bonus for the player when it runs out. The damage that should have been absorbed by the armor goes to HP, but it is still halved. For example, you are hit by the same 100dmg 30penetration gun, but you only have 10 armor. First, you lose 30hp (the “penetrated” dmg). After that the leftover 70dmg is halved to 35 and removed from armor, which leaves you at -25 armor. This negative armor is converted to HP loss. In the end, you lose 55hp and all the 10 armor you had. This is good, because even 1 armor point will greatly reduce any damage, especially from guns with low penetration.


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